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Broadband Utility

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Columbia County Community Broadband Utility (C³BU) owns and operates a fiber network that consists of a point-of-presence facility, 7 communication tower facilities and over 270 route miles of underground fiber optic network.


Colocation Services

Kết quả từ mức trung bìnhIf you need a fully-equipped colocation facility in Columbia County Georgia or Augusta Georgia, look no further than C³BU. With connections to many major carriers, providers, e-commerce sites, Internet gateways and other colocation facilities, C³BU has you covered. C³BU has multiple colocation sites with space available in Columbia County, Georgia.

Building Features

C³BU’s carrier-class colocation services provide secure rack space for fiber electronics equipment. Most building locations have the following features:

  • 24/7 unescorted access with secured key-card access for colocation customers
  • 24/7 monitoring of facility, including temperature, power, access, humidity, and remote camera surveillance
  • Carrier Neutral facilities with 100% uptime
  • Diesel generator backup, all monitored 24/7
  • Carrier-grade grounding of all racks and electrical systems with master ground bars
  • DC power systems with dual A&B feeds. Inverted AC power available at extra cost at some locations
  • Diverse fiber feeds to provide reliable, redundant access to C³BU fiber network

All Fiber-Optic

Only fiber-optic cable is allowed to route into C³BU’s facilities. No coaxial, copper or other media is allowed to penetrate a C³BU facility. Inside the facility, C³BU provides single mode (SC or LC) fiber cross connects in addition to coaxial or copper cross connects.


Kết quả từ mức trung bìnhCustomers who collocate in a C³BU facility are provided with 30amps redundant DC power – A&B feeds, with a maximum of 100 amps per rack. C³BU provides access to AC convenience circuits, 19 inch or 23 inch racks, and secure key-card access.

Kết quả từ mức trung bình C³BU offers inverted AC power for an additional monthly charge at some locations. Additional power is available, and multiple racks can be installed if space is available. C³BU has the ability to upgrade or expand the facilities as customer and network needs dictate.

Dark Fiber Services

Kết quả từ mức trung bìnhOur Dark Fiber service enable your organization to have virtually unlimited bandwidth, and maximum control and security for your networks. C³BU provides the fiber strands between your termination points, and you provide and maintain your own equipment, allowing for network scalability and flexibility.

Benefits of Dark Fiber

Our Dark Fiber networks allows your organization the maximum flexibility to implement your own services, including determining the bandwidth, SLAs, selecting your own equipment, and managing your service. Dark Fiber networks also provide the highest level of security by dedicating fiber strands for your applications. Dark Fiber customers have access to C³BU’s networking experience in designing, building, and managing advanced networks to ensure you have the optimal solution.

Features of Dark Fiber

  • Virtually unlimited bandwidth
  • You provide and maintain your own equipment, allowing for network scalability and flexibility
  • Dedicated strands of fiber provide unparalleled security
  • You have direct operational control of your network
  • Ability to replace equipment as technology advances, so your network is never outdated

Dedicated Internet Access

Reliable internet service is a more critical network need than ever before because organizations are increasingly dependent on internet/cloud-based applications and data for day-to-day operations and strategic decision-making. Enhanced productivity and costs savings are necessary to remain competitive in this fast-paced, on-demand, immediate-response environment. Secure Dedicated Internet Access over optical Ethernet ensures on-demand access to the sensitive information and advanced tools that businesses need as a foundation for success.

Kết quả từ mức trung bình Internet connectivity can make or break a business. Employees are dependent upon high-speed access and customers expect it. C³BU fiber-optic backbone was built to offer you a consistent, reliable dedicated Internet service backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guaranteeing uptime, latency and packet delivery. We carefully monitor capacity-to-utilization for optimal bandwidth availability to prevent congestion and ensure service is consistently available.

Kết quả từ mức trung bình Our extensive and diverse network delivers built-in resiliency with redundant routers at our network core and edge along with our geographically-distributed peering to numerous other backbone providers. This connectivity provides you with direct, low latency links to many of the largest Internet content providers with the fewest network hops possible.

Kết quả từ mức trung bình Our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) products ensure secure, scalable, high-speed internet connectivity for carriers and resellers alike. With adaptive fiber optic solutions over both protected and unprotected network configurations at speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, we can scale your services to suit your current and future networking strategies.

Ethernet Services

Our Services

Kết quả từ mức trung bìnhOur broad portfolio of Ethernet Services provides simple, cost-effective ways to connect business locations and deliver applications, data and information. By applying our expertise, your traffic can flow seamlessly over your Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) with the performance, flexibility, and reliability that your business requires.

C³BU’s cost-effective Managed Ethernet Line (E-Line) service uses fiber optic or copper technology to connect your traffic to our highly secure and protected core Ethernet network and is an ideal solution for your mission critical application needs, including disaster recovery and business continuity, Internet access, voice, streaming video and more. We can provide:

  • Ethernet Private Line (EPL) – Provides point-to-point connectivity for each circuit, ensuring dedicated transport through the network. Each circuit requires a Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) port.
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) – Reduces the need for CPE ports – by employing dedicated point-to-multipoint virtual circuits – while improving the efficiency and capabilities of network transport.
  • Ethernet Network to Network Interface (E-NNI) – Reduces expenses by eliminating the need for multiple switch ports and physical cross-connects at your meet-me-point.

Benefits of a Managed Ethernet Line

  • Security - Private network options allow you more control over your content.
  • Reliability - Self-healing and fully diverse network backbone. Low latency and low packet loss to ensure data integrity.
  • Cost Efficiency - Enjoy a lower cost-per-Mbps than legacy frame relay, ATM or optical wavelength transport.
  • Scalability - You can easily adjust your Bandwidth options from 3 Mbps to 10Gbps, to allow your transport to grow when you need it without the expense of unused capacity.
  • Dedicated Connection - You get the performance you pay for without connecting to the open Internet or sharing bandwidth during peak usage times with neighboring businesses.
  • Seamless Integration - Ability to integrate data, video and voice applications onto a single network.
  • Simplify Network Management - Unify your Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN).

Carrier Ethernet SLA Performance

  • Network availability 99.999%
  • Packet delivery 99.999%
  • Latency (Round Trip): Metro <15ms, Regional <50ms
  • Inter-Frame delay Variation(Jitter) <= to 3.0ms

Tower Services

C³BU owns and operates eight (8) open-access communication towers. C³BU works with Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) to place wireless broadband transmission devices near C³BU facilities to help them expand wireless broadband coverage to their customers. These towers are designed to support public safety communications, colocation needs of wireless broadband and cellular providers to use for wireless Internet service, and microwave backhaul.

C³BU’s network is connected to the towers within its footprint to support data transport for emergency communications, multiple wireless and cellular providers.

Services include:

  • Monthly lease for tower attachments: single attachments or full RAD center
  • Ground lease for placing a tenant’s cabinet or communications hut
  • Colocation of equipment in C³BU’s owned cabinet or POP, where available
  • Fiber lateral with Ethernet transport services or dark fiber lease from tower back to C³BU’s POP

Carrier Ethernet Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Certification

Kết quả từ mức trung bìnhCarrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0 MEF certification identifies C³BU as a service provider to have met the stringent requirements that the MEF demands for certification. Certification means you can depend on services provided at the highest standards with consistent networks and equipment. Standardized service means easier interconnection with other major carriers using MEF certified External Network to Network interface (E-NNI).

Why is certification from MEF important to you as a customer?

MEF is an outside agency that tests and certifies Ethernet services to ensure that companies meet high and consistent standards allowing interconnection to other carriers worldwide. Ethernet-based services are quickly becoming the choice of carriers and wireless providers for delivering reliability, scalability, and service management that allows expansion of the customer base to increase revenue while reducing operational expenses and supporting current and future network needs.

The most critical aspect of Ethernet is a redundant, resilient core that prevents failures from affecting customers. C³BU Ethernet has inherent capabilities to rapidly detect and rapidly recover from node, link, or service failures, meeting the most demanding requirements for availability and high standards required by Carriers.

Another significant attribute of Carrier Ethernet is its ability to quickly scale. Speed increases within port limits occur within hours, not days, to provide immediate network relief. C³BU provides 24x7 monitoring through our Networks Operation Center (NOC) for quick diagnosis and response to meet stringent service level agreement requirements.

Network Policy

The purpose of the Columbia County Community Broadband Utility (C³BU) network policy is to ensure adherence to the principles contained in the FCC’s Internet policy statement (FCC 05-151).

  1. Kết quả từ mức trung bìnhC³BU provides Internet services to community anchor institutions (CAIs – educational organizations, health care, libraries, government agencies, public safety, and other nonprofit agencies) in an open, non-discriminatory manner. Any CAI within the C³BU service area is eligible to connect at reasonable rates and terms. C³BU does not make any distinction in its treatment of customer traffic based on application or content.

  2. In some areas, C³BU may also provide other middle-mile services to private-sector middle-mile operators and wholesalers in an open, provider-neutral and nondiscriminatory fashion. Any middle- or last-mile provider or wholesaler within the C³BU service area is eligible to connect at reasonable rates and terms, at interconnection points where services are available.

About Us

Contact Us

The Columbia County Community Broadband Utility (C³BU) owns and operates a fiber network that consists of a point- of- presence (POP) facility, seven communication tower facilities and over 270 route miles of underground fiber optic open-access network in Columbia County Georgia.

Kết quả từ mức trung bìnhThe C³BU network currently offers twenty Gigabits bandwidth and is scalable to several hundred Gigabits. The Dense Wave Division Multiplex (DWDM) platform is Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) 2.0 certified to provide true carrier-class performance to our customers. The C³BU Software Defined Network (SDN) also provides carrier-class packet optical transport services to other service providers.

Kết quả từ mức trung bìnhC³BU directly serves Community Anchor Institutions (CAI) which consists of government, education, public safety, and non-profit facilities. C³BU currently partners with multiple providers for commercial and residential services. C³BU serves over 180 facilities through the network (excluding residential customers), and five service providers collocated in the point of presence facility.

C³BU seeks to use our technology to achieve the following goals:

  • Stimulate demand for broadband, economic growth, and job creation by expanding the availability of affordable broadband Internet access for all people, businesses and community organizations.
  • Promote the use of broadband to improve the quality and availability of health care, education and government services.
  • Enable Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) to increase traffic management efficiency, thus reducing carbon emission impact.
  • Support Supervisory Control and data acquisition (SCADA) migration from radio-based transport to Ethernet.
  • Provide bandwidth to next generation applications such as Software As A Service (SAAS), public safety cameras, E-Health records, disaster recovery, automatic utility meter readings and distance learning.
  • Provide public safety agency radio interoperability facilitated by new tower construction.
  • Develop the C3BU into a hub access point for the region.